October 14, 2009

Another look at consumer behavior

Posted in Consumer Behavior at 5:40 pm by Jennifer McDowell

Marketers are very interested in understanding media consumption trends of different target markets. Essentially this means marketers keep track of the television shows we watch, the web site we visit, the magazines we read, and so on. Why? Because they know that as we “consume” (watch, visit, read) media, we are being influenced by it.

“Men are more likely than women to say that the internet has replaced their need to read printed newspapers and magazines, and also are more likely to be willing to pay for a subscription to an online newspaper or for a service to watch online TV with limited ads, according to a US consumer trend study by TargetCast tcm.” Click through this excerpt from http://www.mediaplannerbuyer.com for analysis of adult males’ media consumption trends.

Do you wonder how marketers use this kind of information? Read this story about a new online newsstand concept at Target, and the next time you shop at Target, look for the display. Do you see mostly men there?


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