October 30, 2009

Homework for 11/3/09 – Quiz #2, news story assignment and reading assignment!

Posted in SWOT at 12:14 am by Jennifer McDowell

Prepare for a quiz on all terms covered so far in the course – through Break-Even Point Quantity! I won’t ask you to calculate BEPq, for the obvious reasons, but you might be asked to calculate the following:

Total Revenue
Total Cost
Fixed Cost
Variable Cost
Unit Variable Cost
Unit Price

You will be quizzed on consumer behavior, marketing and market segmentation terms as well.

Also for next Tuesday, find a news story from a local newspaper or news magazine, that incorporates the terms and concepts from this course. Bring it to class, and be prepared to share it with the class.

Also for next Tuesday, update your course portfolio.

Also for next Tuesday, read pages pp. 10-11, 60-74, and pp. 203-205 for the following terms:






Social forces

Economic forces

Technological forces

Competitive forces

Regulatory forces

Product positioning

Product repositioning


Differentiation positioning

Perceptual map


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