November 3, 2009

How to analyze a news story – example #1

Posted in SWOT at 7:29 pm by Jennifer McDowell

It is relatively easy to use your research skills to find a news story that covers marketing topics. Most newspapers and business magazines publish a Business section.

Linked here is a recent story from the New York Times.

Compared to research, analysis requires the use of more sophisticated skills. Wikipedia defines analysis as, “the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it.” Analysis therefore involves identifying important details, explaining how these details relate to each other, and summarizing the overall meaning of the material.

The New York Times article above offers a useful opportunity to practice your analytical skills. Click through the article link below:

  1. Note the highlighting. I chose these details because they describe how marketers think as they attempt to manage the promotion “P” of the marketing mix. When you analyze a news story, look for details that are related to a single marketing topic.
  2. Read my comments in the sticky notes. You’ll find related information tidbits, insights, and references to key terms from the course. When you analyze a news story, you should also try to find related information from other sources.
  3. Read the attached file. Here I explain how the highlighted and additional details (from sticky notes) relate to each other, and I summarize the overall meaning of this material. (Look for the paperclip!)

Link to my analysis here.


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