November 4, 2009

Homework for Thursday 11/5/09

Posted in SWOT at 1:31 am by Jennifer McDowell

  1. Open up the news analysis files attached below. Find an analysis that supports the development of a perceptual map. (See pages 203 and 204 in The Core 3/e for a review of perceptual maps.) Here are a few hints for selecting the best analysis:
    • The file should refer to consumer behavior terms. For example, brand loyalty, values and attitudes, VALS, etc.
    • The file should also describe competition for a target market.
    • The file should also explain the positioning of competing brands or products.
  2. Create a perceptual map for the news analysis that you select. You can use the features in, Photoshop, or even Microsoft Word.
  3. Attach your perceptual map to the news analysis file you selected, and email it to me at

Here are the news analysis files:


ice arena issues

Target file

target organic

Supply Chain Article


mall of america

Pawlenty unveils _green jobs


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