November 9, 2009

Quiz #2 – “Take Home” work

Posted in Quizzes and Assessment at 1:47 pm by Jennifer McDowell

Esteemed Students,

The publisher of our textbook (Marketing: The Core) offers free quizzes at its website, and we’re going to take advantage of this resource. We have been jumping around a bit in the text, so you may not be able to answer all questions without looking back into your book.

Here are your instructions –

  1. Navigate to the publisher’s website by clicking through here.
  2. Choose chapter 3 from the drop down menu. Take the chapter 3 Multiple Choice Quiz. After submitting your quiz results (there’s a Submit Answers button at the end of the questions), print out your results and then email your results to me using the ‘Email Your Results’ feature.
  3. Repeat the steps described above for chapters 1, 5, 9, and 12. Don’t forget to email your results to me every time you complete a chapter.

REVISED DEADLINE – Please complete all chapter quizzes before our class begins next THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12th.

Reminder – The website automatically calculates your score on each quiz, but I do not record these scores in my grade book. Thus, this “take home” work is low-risk and high-reward; the investment of your time will improve your learning without risking a bad grade for the course. So go ahead, have fun!